Friday, October 1, 2010


Tonight I met comedian Kate Clinton. She's kicked off a special run of performances at the downtown spot Dixon Place in the Bowery. And with all the sad trappings of the week to be able to engage in some good vibes and humor with Clinton was very necessary. In this trifling day and age when everyone seems to be asking where are all the role models within our community, the individuals who have paved the way and pioneered the movement so that the rest of us could eagerly sit still and comfortably in our skin -- I'm reminded that the courageous Kate Clinton has been an openly gay comedian and performing for 30 years. Kate was gay and out when it wasn't cool!

When there wasn't a weekly sitcom character to degrade or movie villain that wasn't a deviant, Clinton was out there breaking barriers with her wit and humor...all the while proving that it gets better. To take that pride in one's self and to stand in front of an audience fully realized, it takes wonderful amount of nerve -- to do it for 30 takes enormous talent. Tonight Clinton discussed politics -- the movement (or lack there of) of gay civil rights, the embattled task of our current President -- the first minority to take the seat. She shared her insights on our diverse gay culture and the perceptions within (and without) the community. She even touched on bullying and how she handled it.

She proved her strength is in her talent as a humorist -- one of the greatest of this generation; and although she doesn't have the star-power of some of her contemporaries there isn't anyone that can deny what it has meant for Kate Clinton to do what she does -- and most of all: the grace she displays through her honesty and humor. It is without comparison.

It saddens me that this week alone 3 young people took their lives and they will never know the power of humor that Kate Clinton possesses. I wonder if they had sat with me in the audience tonight and looked at Clinton doing her thing...I wonder how differently their lives might have turned out. Because if Kate Clinton has the power to do anything with her comedy it's to inspire!

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  1. Nice review of a really funny and insightful performer. I hope gay kids everywhere get an opportunity to see her at her open, gay, funny, smart, best. Thanks for a wonderful night Kate