Monday, September 27, 2010


I suddenly am feeling extremely validated! It seems that the trend this fall season, especially on the TV Talk Show circuit is the quintessential gay male host -- if you don't believe me, check out the all-new Nate Berkus Show and LOGO's Gossip Queens with the Asian guy from Ugly Beauty. You can't throw a bagel without seeing a gay commanding his own audience of happily smiling spectators as they read from the prompter or from index cards -- kinda like Andy Cohen. Even Barbara Walters is putting together a show with a round table panel of 4 men...and one of her requirements is that one of the men on the panel be an out male...and from what I hear it's gonna be that gay Asian guy from Ugly Betty -- yeah...that same guy from the LOGO show. I guess Nate was busy!

Incidentally, that "gay Asian" is super-funny and charmingly adorable funny man Alex Mapa who I just wanna squeeze into a frenzy cause he makes me so happy -- so I'm not hating on him. I'm absolutely very proud of him. And I don't mean to sound bitter if that's how I'm coming off. I'm not. I'm very happy for all the attention that we're getting right now -- and I mean all of us gay male talk show hosts -- and although I'm just a local talent I'm counting myself among the group alongside my piers. It's amazing how the trends in media shift and move so frequently and it seems that now we're trendy!

It's a given! Of course we're going to appeal to every stay home mom who doesn't have access to a gay of her own. Now we can come into everyone one of their living rooms every afternoon and engage them from the comfort of the couch! I think it's great -- but I worry as I work towards my goal that we don't become the flavor of the moment. I'd hate for it to become like Baskin Robbins and all the flavors -- but I can offer this consolation: we come in all kinds of flavors!

I only have this word of caution -- I hope that before I get my big break (which I know is coming soon) we don't over saturate the market with the stereotype of what everyone expects us be like. I think that with examples that run the spectrum like RuPaul, Alex Napa, Nate Berkus, Andy Cohen and myself it's clear that really are a rainbow. I'm waiting for my turn to shine on all of you out there.

So stay tuned!


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